TT Capital provides strategic advice and financial restructuring services to companies and investors. We specialize in providing critical advice on complex issues and transformational situations.

Situation Assessment

We evaluate financial condition including capital structure, liquidity position and potential for asset sales. We also review cash flow forecast and determine enterprise value, debt capacity and appropriate capital structure.

Alternative Assessment

We design plan for creative alternatives in complex restructuration. We work to evaluate solutions and client reactions to potential solutions.


We guide our clients on tactics and strategies for developing, negotiating and executing pre-arranged restructurings. Our services include exit financing, structuring plans of reorganization, raising new debt and equity capital, designing and implementing financing driven recapitalizations, and executing sales for distressed M&A transactions.

Capital Advisory

Our expertise in the Capital Markets & Capital Structure Advisory includes capital structure, capital formation and capital raising. We help tailor alters financing strategies to clients’ unique situations and provide innovative solutions.

Corporate Finance Advisory

We advise clients on a broad range of strategic issues, including capital allocation, capital structure optimization, equity and debt market positioning, and investor communications strategies.

Equity Capital Markets Advisory

We provide our clients with independent advice, experienced judgment and key insights on all aspects of raising equity capital, including valuation, underwriter selection, incentive structuring, investor targeting, listing venue selection, security structuring, and offering size and pricing.

Debt Capital Markets Advisory

Our team advises and negotiates on behalf of clients regarding alternatives for existing debt and the issuance of new debt.

Convertible Securities

TT Capital provides advice and execution specific to convertible debt and preferred and other equity-linked securities, including new capital raising, refinancing and restructuring, and custom convertible structures, including convertible-related equity derivatives.

Acquisition Finance

On both the buy-side and the sell-side, we advise clients and negotiate on their behalf regarding origination, strategy, structuring and execution of all types of acquisition financing.

M&A and Strategic Advisory

We focus on medium-sized business with complex and industry-defining transactions, occasionally across national borders.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In advising companies on the acquisition of a company or the share purchase, we evaluate potential acquisition targets or merger partners, provide valuation analyses, and evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives. We also advise as to the timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed acquisition, and assist in negotiating and closing the deal.

Divestitures and Sale Transactions

We advise clients on the sale of certain businesses or their entire company by evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives to the sale as well as preparing an information memorandum and other appropriate sales materials. We also identify and get in touch with qualified acquirers and assist in negotiating and closing the sale.